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A self confessed 'Geek Girl' Estelle was head hunted by Apple to demo their music software program Logic Pro; As a tech presenter Estelle has also appeared on BBC, alongside fellow geek musician Imogen Heap on a program about music + technology.

 She has hosted + contributed to panels at Winter Music Conference (Miami), ADE, BPM + for Sound On Sound Magazine keeping up to date with developments in Music Tech + electronic music... 

    Her compositions have featured on Sky and BBC and as soundtracks to fashion Shows + brand campaigns.


      With her USP as tech savvy female,  Estelle also works as a Beta/tech tester + audio expert with some of the top  developers/product  manufacturers  (Apple, Mixim, Prism, Genelec  + Dawsons) Recently featuring in a women's day campaign for Genelec...



She is keen to promote further use of Tech by women in music and also lectures in Music Production at world leading BIMM Music School, writing core material for their new Music Production Diplomas and Creative Musicianship BaHons.

Although a lover of all things cutting edge tech-wise, she also harbours a love for all things Analogue when it comes to music and is currently mixing her next album. 


See 'Gear Guinea Pig' for

her Tech Tester info...


Studio gear list below...


For a more complete professional CV

See my LinkedIn page.

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Estelle Rubio Tips and Tricks
RECORDERS the box: Mac Book Pro and Mac Pro

Well yes, I use a computer to record. These are user friendly machines. Logic 8,9 and X are my prefered software programs but I am partial to Ableton for live work (see News for more info). MOTU 828Mk1 (I know, but great new drivers and firmware keep it up to date!) Apogee Duet for Mac Book work and live (great sound colour!)

Yamaha 01V

For when I use MIDI,  this digital icon is great for mixing and memorising settings but often is switched off as I bounce most stuff through patch bay/MOTU these days!!



Audio Technica

II have relied on these durable and inexpensive mics (aAT4040) for years and still often double up with my sE for recording guitars...



Tube mic, so lovely and warm (Z5600aII) but has been dropped a few times and even has a dent so wonder if it's fully functioning at times, oh to have a limitless music tech budget!!


Analogue that's an ear opener! Summit DCL Dual Compressor. Running whole mixes through this...and more



Cad Comp, Valley People EQ, ART PreAMP and may as well include my sound modules Planet Phatt (well it is PINK, has to have it!) Arthur Baker's old Patch Bay (via Merv De Peyer)


I Love these but recently blown one and I actually didn't notice for a while as it was just a volume  differential but felt rather wonky and did an audio set up test and had to redo many mixes (Should I admit this in public) 



Well we all know you should have MANY speakers when mixing and I am currently on Back ups (M-Audio) and B and W ( with a nice scoop) for final checks!

Logic X

See above....


Third Party

Arturia MiniMoog, Trillogy Bass, NI Massive, Komplete etc.

Guitars, Guitars....

An Alhambra senorita which is lady sized, bigger than 3/4 but smaller than normal size. Lovely but sooo hard to record! Well, challenging! A Japanese Fender Sunburst and Fender Squire for funky electric sounds, check song Feel The Rhythm..



Blue steel string with very high action must take that to Jack at Denmark st soon!

Loads of shakers and instruments I have picked up from travels around the world. Maracas from South Amercia, Kalimba from old coke cans (Tanzania) Gamelan Gongs - Bali my fav place etc.

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