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music maker. producer. singer

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Music Maker. Producer. Singer



Estelle Rubio is a future forward female: Singer, music producer +tech girl, mixing digital and analogue worlds...

her music, sculpted from guitars, music technology, vox and vintage/inthebox synths.


Music from her Latin roots fuses house floor fillers and Bossa/LatinJazz Cafe Del Mar-esque tunes. With releases on Lounge Masters, Saifam, Looper, Phoenix Found labels + compilations Estelle is now focusing on how to introduce Music Tech into the performance of dance music in a live setting.

Estelle is also a judge for the B-side Project, remix competition alongside LA ROUX, Clean Bandit (new for 2017) utah saints + Roni Size.

With a new Booking agent for 2017 (Ibiza/Berlin based) Ibiza 

Music AgencyEstelle is currently in her studio preparing her next

batch of music for live dates promoting her new tunes...(released May 2017)

In 2016 she played Uk festivals (Carfest/GreenMeadows) using loop

pedals + Synths/Guitars...


Headhunted by Apple she was the first female Logic X presenter for

Apple Europe, both beta testing and demonstrating their flagship

music program at events, conferences and product shows.

 Estelle has performed at venues as diverse as London’s

02 Forum (3,000) capacity venue, London Fashion Week Shows on

catwalks and underground house/dance music venues including

Fu Manchu and in December 2015 at Time Out’s venue of the season;

Pop-Up Ice club ‘Grotto Outre’ and a liveset for

BBC INTRODUCING who regularly play her music.

Her compositions have been featured on Sky and BBC and

as soundtracks to Fashion Shows. Estelle,also appeared

on BBC2, alongside fellow geek musician Imogen Heap

on a program about music and technology.

(Dara O Briain’s Science Club)


In April 2016 Estelle joins the judging panel of a

nationwide remix competition B-Side Project, alongside

seasoned producers Roni Size and la roux)


 With her USP as tech savvy female Estelle works as a

tech tester/audio expert with some of the top developers/product manufacturers (Apple, PrismSound Dawsons) and is often asked

to speak at events such as BPM Conference and lecture at prestigious Universities such as Tech Music School, BIMM for whom she helped

develop core material for their Music Production Diplomas/Degrees.



Half Spanish half english (with a bit of chinese) estelle's music is influenced by her travels,

she has worked in studios around the world, including Amsterdam's A.M.P/London's Rollover Studios/Merv De Peyer's Blue Tonic and now her

own in North London.


Working as both an engineer and session singer she has sung in

locations as diverse as Carribbean beach venues, the legendary

Hacienda club in manchester, Gibraltarian casinos and cool

Bastille (parisien) smoky jazz bars as well as a two year

residency in london's theater venue Boardwalk

(with Tom Baxter) honing her jazz standard repertoire...

whilst paying her way through a BaHons degree in Music...


Starting out as a tape op on real (reel!) 1/4 inch

tape she witnessed the first roland and akai

samplers and started making beats to accompany her

guitar rhythms and jazzy vocal styles...


After being signed and developed by curve music label

she released her first album in 2012...and still blends the genres

and creates all her music from scratch producing herself...




 (see news for recent info)

 (see TECH for my work with Apple

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